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At Designer Daily, we’ve always been fans of data visualization. We also enjoy good light painting projects when we see it. As you can imagine, this project by Stephen Orlando that mixes both arts is just a delight to us.

The Canadian took his passion for capturing motion in space to a new field: music. He added a light emitting system to violins to capture the movements of the musician, which turns it into a light work of art, but also into a visualization of the music played.

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For making this possible, he used specific type of LED lighting systems that are fixed to the violin or the cello. The pictures are then shot with long-exposure photography techniques, no Photoshop involved (at least not for the creation of the image).

The result, a visualization of music in movement, a look on musicians that truly shows what kind of magicians they are. The pictures really look like the artists have some kind of superpowers. You can see more images of this project on Stephen Orlando’s website: Motion Exposure. Make sure you don’t miss his other projects, you’ll see a 21st century artist at work.

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