With so many people preferring to do most of their shopping online, it is absolutely vital for every business to have a website. Websites connect buyers and sellers and any business that doesn’t have one risks losing out opportunities to the competition.

One of the biggest benefits of having a business website is that it allows you to offer services to your customers, irrespective of their geographical location, without unnecessary delays. It also allows you to stay engaged with your customers and hear their feedback on a regular basis.

While there is no arguing about the importance of an ecommerce website, it’s also important to note that it’s not just about having any website. It has to be one that effectively serves the purpose for which it was intended.

Fortunately, you can use the services of a good web designer to make sure that you get real value from your website. If you have no clue where to start, you can start by looking at a sample ecommerce website design on Woocommerce.

Here are some characteristics of a good ecommerce website design:

1. Presentation and aesthetic appeal

Your website is a big part of your brand which makes it very important that you present your goods and services in a way that shows your customers what your brand is all about. Its design and layout must be easy on the eye and the messaging should be clear and concise.

2. User friendliness

Customers don’t want to waste their time on your website if they are struggling to navigate it or if its layout is all over the place. The only way to avoid this is to ensure that you have a website that is simple and easy to use

3. Clear product descriptions

Your website is an extension of your sales team and as such, your product descriptions should be geared towards assisting buyers in their decision making. In addition to being informative, the descriptions should also set a positive tone for potential customers. You may also want to have an FAQs sections to help dispel any doubts that customers may have.

4. Quality product photography

Product photography is massively important because the pictures that users see mark their first experience with your products. High quality images together with good lighting make it so easy for your products to be seen for what they are. A zoom function is also important to help users see larger versions of photographs.

5. Mobile phone usability

Today, a large number of people shop using their mobile devices. Therefore it goes without saying that your website should cater to these people by being mobile friendly. In fact, the mobile aspect should be one of the top priorities when designing the website.

6. Clear logo

An easily recognizable logo creates an element of reassurance and trust in your company. It is like a business card for your business. If you don’t have one, a mascot or beautiful image should serve the purpose just as well.

The fact that people spend so much time browsing the internet makes it imperative to have a good ecommerce website design for your business. With people’s attention spans so short today, it is up to you to make sure you grab their attention quickly by ensuring the website has these characteristics.


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