If you regularly read design blogs you’ve seen this video already for sure (via John Nack). The demo looks more like some voodoo magical trick than image editing, but it seems to be a really spectacular feature. I’d like to try it in real with some more tricky images, but it seems quite efficient. Also, if Photoshop is out of your budget, it seems thatdoes something similar. If on the contrary Adobe’s software is whithin your range: buy Adobe CS5.

On the next video, you can see some other new features of Photoshop CS5: on-screen color picker and options, comparing colors on-the-fly with the eye-dropper, brush adjustments on-screen, brushes previews,…

Next one: better edges detection, will make selecting cats much easier.

Finally, you can see many more videos of Photoshop CS5, but also of the other softwares, on this Youtube account. Adobe also putted up a website to celebrate the upcoming launch.

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