A good brand equals great business. Businesses that present a brand consistently across their business can increase their revenue by up to 23 percent,  according to statistics cited by Forbes. With nearly every business expert continually driving home the importance of branding for business success, it’s no surprise that companies are now plugging millions into building a great brand. But with so many companies competing in the same market both on and offline, designing a standout image and brand is essential for businesses looking to  make promotion and advertising easier. Whether your aim is to increase your business value or drive consumer recognition, brand building can tick all the right boxes if done the right way and with a core focus on visuals.

Make Your Social Media Presence Visually Appealing

Social media is now ingrained into the consumer buying process. On Instagram, 90 percent of users follow businesses that they like and the engagement rate between them is currently 1.90 percent, indicating just how often the platform is used for viewing and interacting. When it comes to video marketing — a  key content marketing trend for 2020 — social media continues to lead the way, accounting for 28.7 percent of total video ad spending.

With studies like PWC’s Retail 2017 survey showing that 59 percent of consumers use social media for everyday inspiration, having a well-curated social media account is now a necessity for any business looking to get on the map and stay there. Visual content is more likely to be shared on social media, which means it goes a long way in building your brand and getting your name out there. In addition to high-quality visual images, your graphics should be original and your content delivered in easily summed-up formats, such as infographics. A great idea is to  choose a social media color palette and posting styles, such as grayscale images for a still, serene, and more personal tone.

Make Your Brand’s Print Visuals A Priority

If you want to create a long-lasting impact with your brand, then you need to get your brand visuals right. This refers to aspects such as your brand logo, color scheme, and tag line. These design aspects will accompany most of your advertising, packaging, and communications and easily become synonymous with your business or product. 

To create an outstanding logo design, be sure to choose something that is unique to your brand and completely differentiated. Resource articles on most agency websites like  namestormers.com suggest two basic rules when choosing a brand name/logo: keep it memorable and consider your target audience’s response (emotions). Logo design is also not the place to skip on investment, so be sure to leave the design in the hands of an expert. If you are worried about business costs, consider a freelance visual/graphic design artist.

Finally, tailor your brand’s color scheme and utilize the science behind your color choices. Around 90 percent of people’s perceptions and assessment of products are based on color. It’s therefore important to choose colors that evoke the feeling you want to elicit from your target customer.

Present A Unified Brand Presence On And Offline

Lastly, it also key to present a united front for your brand visually. This means translating any design choices both offline and online. Once your brand’s logo and other visuals have been designed, translate their color scheme and design style to other aspects of your brand’s online presence like the company website and social media accounts. This also goes for print media, such as catalogs and in-store promotional flyers. Be sure to stick to the more subtle design aspects as well as the choice of front or style of images. Doing this strengthens brand recognition by sending out one message across the board.

There is no question of the immense value a brand can have on a business and how crucial the visual elements are to a brand’s success. Designing one that resonates with your target consumers and raises your business above the fray is definitely worthwhile. If you keep your consumer and company values at the center of your design process, you’ll already be halfway there.

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Mirko Humbert is the editor-in-chief and main author of Designer Daily and Typography Daily. He is also a graphic designer and the founder of WP Expert.