Content, experience, user, links and others alike are some of the themes we get to discover when getting started with SEO. While the first three themes fall under human control, the last one is pretty challenging in the sense that these have negligible human interference. 

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Links are one of the first ‘off the page’ ranking factors adopted by search engines and link building is the process of promoting your website on other sites in order to drive traffic, increase revenue, and promote trustworthiness amongst users. However, it must be noted that as per Google’s latest update, it is demoting sites which are relatively low on EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) which plays a major role in getting mentions and links on authoritative websites. 

So, remain extremely cautious and get set with the link building of your website keeping in mind the below-mentioned information. Also, all those looking to attract organic results via search engine optimisation in Frederick MD must also follow the tactics while results for your site’s link popularity can also be obtained via pay per click method. 

Know your audience

The first step for getting started with link building for search engine optimisation is having a sound knowledge of your audience, i.e. what does your ideal audience look like, what they are doing right now. Moreover, adapt your content as per the needs of your audience and make a list of websites in order to reach out to them. 

Invest in an outreach program

Link building is incomplete without outreach, which is connecting with different people in your niche and reaching out to them via email or even a phone call to introduce your content and get links in return if they like those. The more you connect with different webmasters the more benefits shall you reap for your website. But at the same time, make sure to always prefer quality over quantity for search engine optimisation Frederick MD or wherever you are based.

Apart from this, provide bloggers with high quality content such that anyone would naturally link to your site in case you’re featuring what they want and that is not available anywhere else.

Better the quality, the more the weight

Link building works on the principle of ‘better the quality, the more the weight’ which sheds light on the fact that while counting the total number of links pointing to a particular website, search engines give preference to the links which are considered to be of better quality; thereby, allowing your content to rank higher. Links from websites with high domain authority and those which are relevant are considered to be high-quality links. Combined with your link building efforts, you should constantly check your domain authority to see if the results are paying off. As you probably know, a higher DA generally leads to higher search rankings.

Link the anchor text

The words within a link, i.e. the link text or ‘anchor text’ as usually referred to are seen by the search engines as a way to describe one website with the help of another. It is always recommended to link the anchor text for best search engine and overall as well because links which point to content related to the topic of the source page are likely to send stronger relevance signals than links pointing to unrelated content.

Additionally, search engines pay attention to the different variations of anchor texts being used to link back to the original article and further use them as additional indicators to article is about and for which search queries it might be relevant. Thus, in order to ensure maximum link relevance, keep your anchor text as descriptive as possible and link it for effective search engine optimisation. 

So, follow the easily doable aforementioned tactics to increase your link popularity and improve your search engine optimisation.

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