There is a growing hunger for modern marketing to shift the e-commerce landscape and market share for both large and small-scale entities. Digitization has sprung up so many technological innovations that will steer commerce in the coming years. For instance, according to, email marketing is still far from becoming obsolete, provided it is done the right way. Employing technology and software that is GDPR-compliant adds another layer of trust and credibility to your brand. Consequently, consumers will open and read all promotional emails sent because they will be specially targeted to specific individuals.

So, what are the pother top emerging trends in marketing? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

Interactive content explosion

Interactive and high-quality content is still key when in as far as digital marketing is concerned. Businesses are taking their creativity notches higher, shifting to give people what they want. For instance, it is now common to see live online events where consumers engage with marketers and get rewarded with free trial products. Websites are also fast adapting to incorporate feedback and review pages so that consumers can learn about their products from other consumers who have already tried them. In brief, brand-consumer interaction shouldn’t only be personal but engaging and entertaining too, like video-marketing. Any business that doesn’t match up to the task will lose its customers to companies that are offering interactive content and promotional techniques.

Chatbots technology

Chatbots are the latest all-around customer care representatives that can help build a personal relationship with most clients. Chatbots give faster and prompt responses without losing patience. Moreover, they are available twenty-four hours and can also be used to collect information from consumers by asking simple questions. That way, businesses can quickly learn about consumer likes and dislikes in real-time. 

Social media influencers

Technology will soon catch up with people who ran to buy likes and followers instead of building that from scratch. There is a new wave of social media influencers who can actively help improve brand awareness by increasing visibility. However, you must note that such technique should be used alongside other trends since not all consumers will buy from a brand influenced by celebrities who don’t appeal to them.

Social media is also set to grow big in the coming years, with Facebook alone reportedly having more than 4 billion active subscribers at the start of 2020.

Using customers as your biggest promoters

In traditional marketing funnel, customers were always an after-thought because they were merely viewed as just consumers. In other words, once they pay for products, they were regarded as dispensable until it was time again for buying. In today’s world, businesses must focus on customer interaction and satisfaction. Extreme customer satisfaction will equip consumers with enough reasons to become ardent advocates and promoters of your brand. They’ll be vocal about it through their personal and business contacts. It can be a good marketing strategy when incorporated with paid media advertising.

Targeted and well-executed marketing is the core factor that promotes the success and growth of a business, regardless of industry, market share, or regional dominance. Fumbling in marketing is equal to digging an early grave of business failure.

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